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“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.” 


2 Timothy 2:15



Biblical Revelation

Learn to effectively study the Scriptures and draw your own conclusions from the text.

Gospel Lifestyle

Learn to live an everyday lifestyle that looks like Jesus in character, love, and the power of God.

Interactive Learning

It's more than teaching. Ask questions, share your insights, and discover truth together.

Spiritual Emphasis

We're not interested in teaching only information. We want each class to be an encounter with God.

About RSOM

Teaching / Training / Transformation

Every believer has a place at the Roots School of Ministry (RSOM), which meets on Thursday nights in Canton, Michigan.

RSOM is the place to go if you want to dig deep into God's Word, receive practical training in the Christian life, activate a Spirit-filled lifestyle, and grow in ministry.

Our school has three components for people growing in different areas of ministry:



Our Core Curriculum is a series of online videos designed to train up house church pastors. It consists of two parts:


  • The Life of Christ.

  • Topical Training.


The Core Curriculum, which can be taken entirely online and at your own pace, consists of 35 lessons.

One does not need to graduate from the program to lead a house church, but anyone wishing to plant, grow, or multiply house churches will greatly benefit from all the material.

Students receive access to roughly 1,000 pages of outlines throughout the course and can keep them as reference material for the future.

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On Thursday nights in Canton, Michigan, we teach a variety of classes on different subjects that are designed to help you grow in the basics of Christian identity, theology, the gifts of the Spirit, and understanding the Bible, with emphasis on practical application to your everyday life.

Classes are taught in modules of up to 8 weeks each. The subject of a series may be topical, such as identity in Christ, marriage, healing ministry, etc. Or the subject may be expository, such as a class that walks through a book of the Bible. Homework will be recommended for simple and practical application of the material.


RSOM Live classes are offered at Canton Calvary on Thursday nights and are only available to in-person participants. Click the sign-up link below to see what classes are coming up next.



Even though our core curriculum and live classes all guide participants into action through practical application of lessons taught, RSOM Action teaches through doing.

Participants in RSOM Action will be actively engaged each week in evangelism and disciple-making, learning and growing as they minister to others.

On Thursday nights, simultaneous to RSOM Live, we host weekly outreaches and a new believers' class called Belong. Seasoned evangelists will take you out on the streets to learn how to approach people and share Jesus in loving, non-threatening ways. And as new believers are found, you can participate in providing follow-up, leading them through a simple curriculum, ultimately connecting them to a house church.

What is Best


Choose which RSOM component is best for you and your personality and lifestyle, or alternate among them at different times.

If you're a distance learner who wants to grow in your faith with teaching from our team at Roots, the only option available is the Core Curriculum.

If you live locally, you have options:

  • If you're a house church pastor or considering becoming one, we recommend starting with the Core Curriculum.

  • If you're a believer who wants to grow in your understanding of the Bible, check out the RSOM Live training to see what classes are coming up next. Topics are always changing, so check back regularly.

  • If you are less interested in a classroom and more interested in diving into ministry, we recommend RSOM Action.

You can also mix and match, according to your schedule and interests:

  • Attend the RSOM Live classes that most interest you, and then participate in RSOM Action during the weeks when a particular class subject doesn't pique your interest.

  • Join the RSOM Core Curriculum as an individual and take occasional breaks from the curriculum whenever an RSOM Live class catches your attention.

  • Participate in RSOM Live, RSOM Action, or any combination of the two while slowly working through the RSOM Core Curriculum at your own pace.



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