In-Depth Bible Study

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Learn to effectively study the Scriptures and draw your own conclusions from the text.



Learn to live an everyday lifestyle that looks like Jesus in character, love, and the power of God.



Forget dry lectures. Ask questions, share your insights, and discover truth together.

Earn Your


"Mission Partners" of Roots Church can earn ministerial credentials that are legally recognized in the USA.

Roots School of Ministry

On Thursday nights from September through June, Roots Church hosts an optional “school of ministry” program for anyone who would like to attend—whether or not they are part of our church. Each week has a segment of the Bible to study, required reading, required online video viewing, in-person teaching, and opportunities to engage in practical ministry alongside others who are experienced and encouraging. 

  • The Roots School of Ministry's primary purpose is to raise up leaders within our local network of house churches.

  • Our secondary purpose is to train believers around the world to live in the love and power of Jesus while planting, growing, and multiplying house churches in their local environment.

Those who finish the entire first year program will have: 

  • Studied and discussed the life of Christ in all four Gospels, plus the entire book of Acts, 

  • Learned to effectively proclaim and minister the Gospel in the love of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, 

  • Learned to lovingly express whatever gifts of the Spirit God leads them to express, both on the streets and in the context of a house church,

  • Developed skills in money management and debt-free living, healthy relationships, leadership, group management, personal evangelism, and more,

  • Learned to overcome sinful emotions and painful life experiences to live free from the past,

  • Examined the beauty of the Gospel, the power of prayer, the nature of God, and the thrilling reality of the Christian’s identity in Christ,

  • Helped (alongside a small team) to launch and build a viable house church, 

  • Participated in practical, hands-on ministry,

  • And more…

What We Do

Our house churches aren't the only place where we believe interactivity is the best way to grow in Christ. We bring that same culture to our school, trusting our students to bring insights to each class. 


Every class starts with the students and instructors discussing and sharing testimonies and things they learned during their study of that week's portion of Scripture.

Following this is the curriculum-based lesson, which students are encouraged to interrupt with questions and ideas. And this leads into a time of practical application, which varies from week to week depending on the topic.

Students also have opportunities to practice what they're learning out on the streets, ministering to people in the love, compassion, and power of God. We celebrate successes and failures alike, because the so-called "failures" simply mean we're trying and learning. 

In summary, we believe the best learning environment is an interactive, immersive, and experiential culture where Scripture is honored as our final authority, people work together and encourage one another as a team, and Jesus is known to be both real and present.


Curriculum Overview


Our primary text is the Bible. We'll study the life and ministry of Jesus in-depth with a chronological journey through the four Gospels, followed by an overview of the book of Acts.

Additionally, over the course of the year, we'll read the following texts, either in part or in their entirety: 

  • The Heavenly Man  Paul Hattaway

  • At Work Within  Rick Osborne

  • Keeping the Fire – Rolland Baker

  • Family on Mission Mike Breene

  • Exponential  Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson

  • Money and the Prosperous SoulStephen K. De Silva

  • Deliverance and Inner Healing John and Mark Sandford

  • Limitless HopeArt Thomas

  • Adventure of Saying YESJonMark Baker

  • Paid in Full (also watch movie) – Thomas, Ammon, and Loruss

  • Voice of God (also watch movie) – Thomas, Ammon, and Loruss


  • Attendance at all regular school sessions (a minimal number of excused absences can be covered by watching the online video replays). Class sessions are approximately 2.5 hours in length, once per week.

  • Roughly 1 hour of Bible reading per week.

  • Roughly 1-2 hours of additional reading per week.

  • Roughly 30 minutes of journal entry work per week.

  • Up to 2 hours of online video viewing per week.

  • One testimony every 2 weeks of stepping out in evangelistic ministry.


In total, the Roots School will occupy anywhere from 4 to 8 hours of each week.

  • Additionally, we expect regular attendance at a Roots Church house church, (at least twice per month) and participation in at least 2 approved outreaches (usually held on a Saturday or Sunday).

  • Online students can join one of our house churches that have digital capabilities (via Zoom video conferencing). Outreaches will be local.


  1. Exegesis, & Union with Christ

  2. Justification by Faith

  3. Worship

  4. Inner Transformation

  5. Baptism in the Holy Spirit

  6. Hearing God’s Voice

  7. Sharing Your Testimony

  8. Gospel, Grace & the Law

  9. Intimacy with God

  10. Evangelism Basics

  11. Deliverance Ministry

  12. Spiritual Warfare

  13. Explaining the Existence of God

  14. Kingdom Finance

  15. Healthy Relationships

  16. Conflict Resolution

  17. Sovereignty & Theodicy

  18. Gifts & Manifestations of the Holy Spirit

  19. Cross-Cultural Evangelism & Missions

  20. Healthy Marriage & Romance

  21. Christian Sexuality

  22. Family Life in Ministry

  23. Intro to House Churches

  24. Perspectives on Eschatology

  25. Ordinances of the Church

  26. Understanding the Trinity

  27. Growing a House Church

  28. Creating Culture in a House Church

  29. Multiplying House Churches

  30. Reliability & Power of the Resurrection

  31. The Reliability of the New Testament

  32. Understanding the Atonement

  33. Prophetic Ministry & Being Led by the Spirit

  34. Ministry to the Poor 

  35. Heaven, Hell, and Judgment

  36. Emotional Health in Ministry

  37. Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

  38. Commissioning

Assemblies of God Credentials (optional, for resident students only)

Roots Church is an Assemblies of God church. Accordingly, we promote credentialing within our larger fellowship. ​The Roots School of Ministry (RSOM) is sufficient to meet the requirements of what is called a "local church credential." This credential is available to Mission Partners of Roots Church who would like to be legally certified to perform marriages and other clerical duties (such as hospital chaplaincy) while pursuing more robust credentials with the Assemblies of God.


After completing the full 40 weeks of RSOM in your first year, graduates are invited to participate in a second year resident internship, which includes personal mentoring by people on our Senior Leadership Team, special ministry opportunities, and completion of educational requirements for Assemblies of God ministerial credentials.

This will require classroom time, homework, one textbook each month, and additional fees (set by the Michigan District and the General Council). In order to receive AG credentials, you will also need to complete additional requirements through the Michigan District of the Assemblies of God (like a written test, an oral interview, and time spent actively engaging in full-Gospel ministry).

How to Attend


Join us LIVE and in-person for the full, interactive experience.


Thursday nights from



FREE for Mission Partners of Roots Church


$25/month for all other students


Students will be responsible to purchase their own textbooks. Some required books can be purchased at a steep discount through our school. Be sure to check with us before ordering.


Interactive Facebook Group:

  • live video of our weekly teaching sessions, with ability to ask questions and receive live answers;

  • monthly, internet-only, live Q&A with faculty; 

  • learn on your own schedule.




All teaching sessions are archived on our YouTube channel and can be viewed free by the public. The paid program described here is for those who want interactive discussion, feedback, and communication with our faculty.


Shadow our staff, study more intensively, and receive a more robust and personalized experience throughout the week.

2nd Year:


individual: $150/month

family: $100/mo/each



(needing lodging and food)

individual: $550/month


Mission Partners of Roots Church receive a 90% discount.

The following form applies to the RSOM school year from September 23, 2021, through June 23, 2022.

No class sessions will be held on Thanksgiving or December 23.


Which option best describes your church involvement?

Thanks! We will review your application and contact you if we have any questions.