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Where to Start

For those who already know someone who is part of Roots Church, the best place to start is at one of our house churches. This is the relational heart of everything we do, and it's best to connect where you already have friendship. 


But if you don't already have that sort of connection and simply want to join our family, there are two great ways to start things off:

  1. Visit one of our Encounter Nights on the 1st or 3rd Sunday of each month, or

  2. Schedule a meet-up with a house church pastor in your area.

Either way, you'll need to contact us to find out where to meet on the day you want to connect. Since our church operates without a physical building, our venues for large gatherings may occasionally change. Personal contact is the best way to learn where we'll be. Please fill out the connection form below to let us know how you'd like to meet up.

What to Expect in a House Church

Our house churches meet once per week in various towns along I-275 in Southeast Michigan. Local believers gather together for the purpose of interactive teaching, friendship, prayer, and ministry to one another. Some groups eat dinner together. Some share snacks. Some meet in houses and some in apartments. There's a lot of variety but also some common elements.

Each week we open the conversation with a simple question: "What has God been speaking to you this week?" What follows is a present-day example of what the apostle Paul described in First Corinthians 14:26, "...When you come together, each of you has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation. Everything must be done so that the church may be built up." With careful discernment and the Bible as our final authority, we pursue a mutual discovery and application of God's truth to our lives.

Our house churches frequently celebrate Jesus' sacrificial love for us by sharing "communion." Just like Jesus and the disciples at the "Last Supper" and the earliest Christians who followed Him, we break bread in remembrance of Jesus' broken body and drink from "the fruit of the vine" in memorial of the blood He shed for us. Out of respect and care for anyone who might have come from an alcoholic past, we use grape juice instead of wine; but the symbolism and spiritual importance of the practice remains the same. Some groups share communion weekly and some in less frequent intervals, but all aim to do so at least once each month.

What to expect at An Encounter Night

On the first and third Sundays of each month, all the house churches in our network come together in Canton, Michigan, for what we call an "Encounter Night." These gatherings are the closest thing we do to what you might recognize as a typical "church service," although they're held in the afternoon (6:00pm). 


At 6:00pm, the meeting begins with testimonies from people in our church as they share how they partnered with the Lord in evangelism and healing ministry throughout the week. Sometimes a missionary visits and shares what God is doing through them because of our support. We'll worship God together in song, someone from our equipping team will take time to teach the believers present, and then we'll seek God together in prayer for one another, expecting a move of God's Spirit among us.


Children's ministry is available for ages 1-11 after our worship time, but all ages are welcome in the main meeting if parents prefer.

Two things set apart our meetings as unique:

  1. They're interactive. As a church who believes in the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit today, it is possible you may see and hear things you read about in the Bible. People might speak in unknown tongues, interpret those messages with help from the Holy Spirit, proclaim a spontaneous "prophetic message" of encouragement from the Lord, or even share a recent vision or dream with the congregation. We try to incorporate as much of this into our gathering as possible while still maintaining biblical order and the primary focus of our meeting. (The best setting for gifts of the Spirit is usually in our house churches, but we welcome them in the big meetings too.) We also make regular opportunities for people to share testimonies about how God is transforming their lives or leading them in evangelism. And we frequently encourage people to pray for each other at the end of our meetings.

  2. They're focused on training and equipping believers. A lot of church meetings these days have an evangelistic component (in case someone comes who doesn't yet know Jesus or the good news about Him). That's awesome when it's the purpose of the meeting! We, however, trust the people of our church to do the work of evangelism and instead focus our attention in these gatherings on helping everyone know how to live and share their faith with humility, love, compassion, maturity, and partnership with the Holy Spirit.

The "application time" at the end varies from meeting to meeting but typically involves the people of the church praying for or ministering to each other in some way. We see miracles of physical and emotional healing, financial provision, and even prophetic ministry as people listen for the Lord to speak and share with each other in humble, down-to-earth ways.

This is not a meeting focused on reaching people who don't know Jesus. Instead, this meeting is specifically for training and equipping the Church. That way you'll be well prepared to effectively reach people in your own sphere of influence, being confident in how to minister to them with the love and power of Jesus as demonstrated in the Bible.

If you have kids ages 1-11, be sure to check out our Sprouts Children's Ministry page to learn about what we do and to fill out his or her emergency card information before you come. This will save you time and help streamline their first check-in.

Schedule a Meet-Up

If you prefer a more passive, "observer" approach to connecting with a church, you may want to start with one of our Encounter Nights. But maybe you're more relational and would prefer your first meeting with our church to be more informal and personal. Either way, we'd love to meet with you and help you connect with the best house church near you.

Please fill out our online form below to tell us about yourself and any family members who will be joining you when you attend one of our meetings. Based on where you live and the specific needs of your family (for example, not every house church has childcare, and not every home is easily accessible for people with certain physical needs), we will try to connect you with the best house church for you and your family.


One of our pastors will communicate with you to plan a time when you, they, and another member of our church (and your spouse if desired) can all meet together during the week, perhaps for lunch, dinner, or just coffee (our treat!). We're all about relationships, community, and family, so you can expect the meeting to be friendly, down-to-earth, and worth everyone's time. We look forward to getting to know you!

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