Our Senior Leadership Team operates as a family of equals with unique responsibilities and a focus on helping each other succeed. Some of our staff minister nationally and internationally, and our team-based approach allows them to travel as needed while the main operations of our church continue unhindered.

You'll notice none of the titles include the word "pastor." That's because we believe the true "pastoral ministry" in our church happens at the house church level. Instead, these specific ministers help serve the overall network of house churches by promoting leadership development, spiritual vibrancy, financial health, seamless operations, and quality ministry to all ages and groups. Together they run our big gatherings, our school of ministry, our special events, our overall house church network, and more.


Art's role is to oversee our Senior Leadership Team and help you and others in our church step into your own God-given ministries in a healthy, relational, synergistic way.

Art Thomas

Leadership Director

My wife Robin and I have been planting and leading house churches since before we were married. It's the environment in which we've raised our two boys, Joey and JJ. And we believe it's the best setting for every believer to experience Jesus, express spiritual gifts, and grow as a family.

I'm also a missionary-evangelist who travels the world to train Christians, raise up pastors, plant churches, and more. My primary foreign missions work is in a remote village of Uganda called Wanenga. Together with a local pastor, Paul Basule, we have built an orphanage and primary school that serves hundreds of children, we've planted over 10 churches in remote villages, and we've trained over 1,000 African pastors.

Here in the States I frequently travel to other churches, primarily to teach about healing ministry, identity in Christ, hearing God, and evangelism.

I enjoy writing, graphic design, family time, intellectual conversation, local raw honey from around the world, ridiculous graphic T-shirts, and telling people I'm Batman. I also make a mean chili.


Joe's role is to serve you and others in our church by helping organize large gatherings and events, overseeing our operations team, and maintaining the unity and health of various ministries throughout our church.

Joe Loruss

Operations Director

My wife Emily and I have been married since 2004 and have three girls, Brooklyn, Bella and Reagan.


I'm a builder by trade and enjoy working with wood-building and making things with my hands, which has led me to the mission field in Africa. There I used those God-given skills, building structures for orphans while preaching the word of God in remote villages.


My wife and I both grew up in the church, but I've been engaged in our church's original house church since 2012--almost since it began. That's where I experienced the most growth in my Christian walk, and that's what I want to help others experience.


Our family enjoys spending time outdoors, and I also enjoy hunting with my oldest daughter.


I like to make people laugh, and I enjoy other people's company. I always enjoy a good cup of coffee and some dark chocolate. 


JonMark's role is to encourage, train, and oversee the leadership of your local house church and others while promoting the growth, health, and spiritual vibrancy of our entire network.

Spiritual Life Director

JonMark Baker

I am husband to Kara Baker, the most beautiful woman on earth, and father to Evan, who is objectively the cutest little boy to ever exist. I am a third generation pastor on both sides of my family. When I was 7 years old, a massive revival hit my church. This 3-year revival would forever ruin me for “church as usual”.


In 2011, I pioneered a campus ministry as a senior at Lake Superior State University. After graduation, I served as campus minister there until 2019. I saw God save, heal, and deliver many students and call some into ministry during my wife's and my tenure as campus ministers.


Now, along with serving on the Senior Leadership Team at Roots Church, I travel and hold revival and evangelistic meetings. I train and equip believers to share the Gospel with supernatural power in their daily lives.


I am a class clown, a coffee snob, and a foodie. I enjoy music, playing soccer and basketball, and wrestling with my son.


Ron's role is to serve you and your family by maintaining the financial and legal health of our entire organization while bringing years of wisdom and experience to our leadership team.

Executive Director

Ron Dykes

Coco, my beautiful wife and I have a wonderful blended family of 4 children and 5 grandkids. We both share a passion to serve God and his people and are very excited to be part of the “Roots” family. 


Raised as a pastor’s kid, I’ve been involved in church my entire life and accepted Christ at a young age (although I was a bit wild in my teen years, on which I will not elaborate since Mom will probably read this). 

Being involved in ministry is in my blood. My Father and mother previously served as pastors for 60+ years. My Grandparents on both sides of my family were pioneers of the gospel in their day. I’ve been involved in some capacity of ministry most of my life. 

My background includes years of serving churches in various departments – administration (deacon and trustee), children, youth, bus ministry, worship, teaching, in-home small groups, and church start-ups.

I’m passionate about seeing people of all walks of life come to know Jesus and experience life-change through Him. I enjoy date night with Coco, going for walks, watching college football (Go Blue), movies, fine dining, Thanksgiving, Christmas, family events, and partying with the family of God. 


Alex and Gracie's role is to promote healthy families throughout our church and advocate for your kids—from birth through high school—by overseeing children's ministry staff, arranging training opportunities for parents and personnel, and bringing young people together for meaningful friendships and spiritual growth.

Student Ministries DirectorS

Alex & Gracie Perry

Gracie Perry:

I’ve always been a rule-follower. Performing perfectly was my passion, and my mistakes brought me great shame and anxiety. But Jesus became my freedom. He covered me in perfect love and filled me with joy, making me not just a follower, but a daughter.

Now my passion is to share Him with others. I’m currently earning my Bachelor's in Ministry Leadership with a minor in Worship at Northpoint Bible College. I love all things creative--from acting to writing to singing and anything else I can get my hands on. I’m pursuing a life fueled by the Holy Spirit... and maybe an oat milk latte.

Alex Perry:

Growing up, I was the best Christian kid you could possibly be. I was always in church, always reading my Bible, and doing all of the Christian things… and then I met Jesus. Today, I am passionate about helping Christians like me realize that the Christian life is first about who God has made you to be, not how well you perform.


To that end, I’m working toward a Bachelor’s in Ministry Leadership at Northpoint Bible College with a minor in Psychology. I love doing anything mentally challenging including chess, reading, and innovating the best "dad-jokes." I’m a mostly-vegan, but I still love hanging out with my meat-eating friends (even more than I love kale).